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We provide exclusive QUALITY products built in America with the Best Warranties in the Industry.  Oklahoma homeowners deserve the best products at fair prices and Lifetime of worry free home exterior maintenance.

Protect Your Home

Having low quality sectional gutters or poorly installed seamless gutters without leaf protection can severly damage your home.  From the roof eaves to the foundation of your home, seamless gutters are much more than just to collect rain water.

The following image is an example of what damage is done by poor guttering.  Here a clogged gutter has done severe damage to this home inside and out.  Don’t Let this Happen to your HOME!

Some Gutter Maintenance Options

Semi-Annual Cleaning

Cleaning out your gutters can be a daunting task.  It is messy, time consuming, and extremely dangerous.  According to Industrial Safety reports, over 500,000 injuries are sustanted from ladder falls every year.

Install Low-Cost Leaf Protection

There are several do it yourself products available at any local retailer.  Some times easy to install, however in just one season; the low-cost solution can cause more problems than no leaf protection at all.

Expensive Leaf Guards

Investing in high grade leaf protection systems for your home may be the smart choice.  Not all systems are the same.  Some promote lifetime No Clog Guarantee.  However, these types of systems may not handle extensive downpours, and water just runs off.

The Right Choice..

American Quality Bulldog Gutter Guard – is an aluminum insert, designed to fit securely onto your gutter system to handle the heaviest of rainstorms.
  • Bulldog Gutter Guard System has been tested to handle 14″ of rain an hour
  • Made out of .019″ Aluminum with a LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • Guaranteed not to wrap or distort over time.
  • Fastened to the new or existing gutter and fascia board.  NO ROOF ATTACHMENTS
  • Birds and squirrels cannot nest or chew through material
  • White or Dark Bronze color selection compliments any seamless gutter color

Unique front and rear attachement strenthens entire gutter system

Can handle any downpour

Prevents animals and birds from nesting

Patented ribbed-design encourages aiflow to lift debri and leaves

Invisible from the ground

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