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4.92 out of 5 stars


  • ByCreated Thomas E. (2018-12-15, 00:00)

  • ByCreated Eula Mae L. (2018-12-10, 00:00)

    Very Good Job!

  • ByCreated Victor H. (2018-12-04, 00:00)

    I like the overall design of the windows, easy to operate, and clean. The benefits of two ultraviolet panes reduces the suns glare, and keeps the outside air out, inside air in. I could feel the difference in the temperature the day the windows were installed, and I am confident the utility bills will be drastically reduced on the next billing period. The installers were courteous and professional. The installation was done correctly with no drafts around the perimeter. All the windows raised and lowered easily, telling me they are square and true. They cleaned the area, taking the old windows and picking up the debris. Financing is very affordable, with early payoff options as a bonus. The sales staff was patient and knowledgeable of the product, and covered financing options. I am very pleased with my new windows, and anticipate they will last many years to come.

  • ByCreated Joe S (2018-11-25, 00:00)

    Professional job done quickly and on time. The installers did a fantastic job and picked up everything from the job site. Whole new look in and feel in our living room windows. Far exceeded our expectations.

  • ByCreated Alan W. (2018-11-20, 00:00)

    Professional Installation throughout.

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