Are you noticing your electric bill increasing each month? Or maybe you feel cool air escaping next to the window in these hot summer months? Over 40% of the annual energy budget in Oklahoma is consumed by heating and cooling! Proper selection of replacement windows can signficantly save you money on your electric bill. A great way to find the right products for your home is to look for the ENERGY STAR® symbol. Windows labeled with this are twice as efficient as the average window that was manufactured 10+ years ago!

Don’t just take our word for it, contact us today to schedule a free energy audit on your home. Our team will take sensor readings inside your home to determine the temperature of the rooms, ductwork, windows, and doors. We will then evaluate the level and type of insulation that you have in your attic space to ensure that you have adequate insulation. It will be very clear when the temperature of a room is 70 degrees as detected on our temperature meter, yet the window temperature is significantly higher in summer months or colder in winter months. We have a variety of window lines that are energy efficient and you will notice a different very quickly. May your homes stay cool this summer Oklahomans!!